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Here are some of the Sociology sites which I use on my own site. Please inform me of others which might be added to the list. I have also added some links to Twitter accounts and useful Facebook groups and, most recently , some links to Google drive collections .




Website Addresses/Titles, Twitter and Facebook Accounts

Main Focus of Website and Twitter Account Content

  • Sociological Perspectives and Methods, Mass Media , World Development and Power and Politics. Additional podcasts [10 so far] are gradually being added on Social Differentiation and Stratification . [Podcasts] Twitter@parksociology
  • Twitter Accounts geared to  AS and Advanced Level Sociology Units [Organised by Ken Browne]


  • Culture and Identity: #SOCCUID Understanding Social Inequality #SOCUSI
  • Education:#SOCED                           Families and Households:#SOCFAM
  • Work, Poverty and Welfare:#SOCWPW   Health:#SOCHTH
  • Globalisation and the Digital World  :#SOCGDW
  • Crime and Deviance: #SOCCD  Global Development ;#SOCGD                
  • Social Differentiation and Stratification:#SOCSD  Mass Media: #SOCM  
  • Beliefs in Society: #SOCBiS  Theory and Methods: #SOCTM


  • Podcasts on Families and Households, Sociology of Development, Education, Methods in Context and Crime and Deviance [including Crime and the Media]Twitter@The SociologyGuy
  • Revision resources on Families and Households and Research Methods but resources on other topics will appear soon and so it is certainly worth revisiting this site.
  • Podcasts mainly on the Sociology of Education
  • Families and Households, Education, Theory and Methods, Crime and Deviance, Globalisation and Global Development, Examination Support Twitter@Realsociology
  • Very large number of presentations on all aspects of Sociology NEW
  • Powerpoints of Education and Families and Households  NEW
  • Families and Households, Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance , Theory and Methods [Podcasts] Also new Education podcasts are coming soon. Twitter@precookedsociology
  • Crime and Deviance, Sociological Methods and Education [Podcasts]
  • Hundreds of You Tube Clips on all aspects of Sociology [Podcasts]
  • Course of short lectures on Classical Sociological Theory: Comte, Marx, Durkheim,  Weber and others [Podcasts]
  • A new developing site which already has lots of resources on all aspects of Sociology. Worth revisiting
  • Series of podcasts including items on immigration,   meritocracy and class, education and inequality, Emile Durkheim, C W Mills and more
  • All aspects of Sociology
  • All aspects of Sociology: articles and Podcasts
  • Wealth, Welfare Poverty, Education with Methods in Context, Global Development,  Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods,
  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods
  • All aspects of Sociology
  • All aspects of Sociology
  • Families and Households, Education, Crime and Deviance and more.
  • Beliefs in Society


  • Mainly Theory and Methods but also Education and Crime and Deviance .[Podcasts]


  • Religion, Health and Illness, Crime and Deviance, Social Inequality, Mass Media [PowerPoints] Twitter@SociologyNortha
  • Crime and Deviance [and some Psychology] [Podcasts]
  • Families and Households, Culture and Identity, Education, Mass media, Crime and Deviance, Work, Poverty and Welfare, Theory and Methods. [Podcasts and PowerPoints]Twitter@twynhamsociology
  • All aspects of Sociology
  • Families and Households, Education with Methods in Context, Health, Beliefs in Society, Crime and Deviance, Theory and Methods [and A Level Government and Politics Resources] . You have to pay for these resources but they are of a high quality and very reasonably priced.
  • Crime and Deviance, Theory and Methods and Global Development. [Podcasts]
  • Education, Family, Culture and Identity, Methods, Religion, Crime and Deviance, Stratification /Differentiation [Power Points]
  • Introducing Sociology, Families and Households, Education with research Methods, Beliefs in Society, Mass Media, Crime and Deviance with Research Methods
  • Resources on the Sociology of the Mass Media : teaching notes, video materials and links to important studies.  twitter@chasepsychsocio
  • This  new page on my site is under construction. It currently contains  links to a range of resources on Global Development/World Sociology including links to companion websites for undergraduate texts. 
  • Useful information on all aspects of Sociology
  • 45 short podcasts from the USA. Give it a try!
  • Full Range of GCSE Sociology Topics [Podcasts]
  • Sociology and Sociological Perspectives
  • Sociological Methods, Mass Media, Sociology of Religion
  • Resources for Socialisation and Culture, Youth Culture, Education, Research Methods, Crime and Deviance, Social Inequality [Eduqas WJEC Specification]
  • Resources for OCR Specification but also overlapping with other Specifications
  • Resources for AQA Specification but also overlapping with other Specifications
  • Resources for all Specifications
  • Nature of Sociology, Sociological perspectives, Culture, Social stratification, Deviance [Podcasts]  Twitter@DrCVaccaro