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A  short selection of links on the theory of the underclass

  1. Click here for The Riots of the underclass? [Dr. Imogen Tyler]
  2. Click here for The idea that there is a welfare dependent underclass is wrong [Review of Prof. John Hills' recent book]
  3. Click here for Black British realities and the return of the "underclass" [Open democracy]
  4. Click here for Underclass, overclass. ruling class, supernova class[ Prof. Danny Dorling]
  5. Click here for Revealed; the staggering scale of Britain's underclass [Daily Mail]
  6. Click here for England's riots : the return of the underclass [BBC]
  7. Click here for Feral Underclass to blame for riots [The Sun]
  8. Click here for Independent coverage of Centre for Social Justice report on the education underclass
  9. Chavs [In the second section  of this Thinking Allowed programme for BBC Radio 4  Professor Laurie Taylor is in discussion with author Owen Jones. The first section is on "Ageing Goths"! ]

  10.  Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones.

  11. Click here for Are 'cultures of worklessness' passed down the generations?  [ Prof Tracy Shildrick article for Joseph Rowntree Foundation]

  12. Click here for "What is the best hope for the underclass? Aspiration or Grievance ?" [The Economist]

  13. Click here for Poverty Talk: How people experiencing poverty deny their poverty and blame the poor. T. Shildrick and R. MacDonald

  14. Click here for article on Benefits Street by Stephen Crossley and Tom Slater

  15. Click here for "Worklessness is not a trait: why blaming and shaming is not a solution." Mireia Borell-Porta [ Post doc. researcher at LSE]

  16. Click here for link to the Centre for Social Justice and Breakthrough Britain. New link added 3/11/2016


    Note that several of these items contain extended bibliographies from which you can easily extend my short list!