The Coalition Government and Economic Inequality : External Links Only



  1. Guardian coverage of  2010 Public Spending Review: Autumn 2010  

  2. Distributional Impact of Coalition Tax and Benefit Changes: Autumn 2010 IFS 

  3. Guardian coverage of 2011 Budget   

  4. BBC Report Fall in Child Poverty under Labour: May 2011                                     

  5. BBC Report on Likely Increases in UK Child Poverty : April 2011                            

  6. Top Executive Salaries Out of Control Independent on Sunday: May 15th 2011        

  7. Article by Head of High Pay Commission Independent on Sunday May 15th 2011

  8. Live up to your own slogan Dave Independent on Sunday Editorial May 15th 2011

  9. Larry Eliot's Guardian Economics Column [300+ articles the most recent of which relate to aspects of Coalition economic policy]

  10. IFS report says absolute and relative poverty likely to increase as result of Coalition policies. October 2011

  11. BBC summary coverage of above IFS report