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Boris Johnson as PM

Full coverage of Boris Johnson from the Guardian, the BBC, the ITV, Channel 4 ,Channel 4 You Tube Channel ,BBC Newsnight You Tube Channel


The Guardian: Conservative Party Leadership Election

The BBC: Conservative Party Leadership Election

ITV: Conservative Party Leadership Election

BBC Panorama : The Race for Number 10

Conservative Party Leadership Elections  [House of Commons Research Briefing]

The Results : All First 5 Rounds *****

July 2019

Boris Johnson defeats Jeremy Hunt

The Life of Boris Johnson [BBC Newsnight]

Boris Johnson : Downing Street First Speech as PM

Cabinet Reshuffle: Ministers leaving Cabinet

Cabinet Reshuffle

Boris Johnson's Cabinet Cull

Boris Johnson's Cabinet in numbers

Boris Johnson's First Day As PM

Who's Who in Boris Johnson's first Cabinet

EU will not renegotiate Brexit Deal [ J-C Juncker]

Brexit, Social Care, Police..  and more

Where Next? Channel 4 podcast

Economic problems

Boris Johnson rules out General Election amid European opposition to Brexit plans

Preparing Brexit : No Deal [from the Institute  for Government]

Pledge of 3.6Bn for left behind towns

Poll boost for Tories

Brexit Balance has shifted toward No Deal: Dominic Raab

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon

Boris Johnson, DUP and Confidence and Supply Deal

The Border, Backstop and Brexit

20,000 extra police

Extra 2.1Bn for No Deal Brexit

August 2019

Boris Johnson's UK Tour

Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election Result

Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election Result

Mark Carney warns of instant shock of No Deal Brexit

Tory Rebels Threaten Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson pledges 1.8 Billion for NHS

Prime Minister's promise to level up school funding: analysis from Education Policy Institute

The "man of the people" what would plato think of Boris Johnson? [Professor Lea Ypi]

Analysis of Boris Johnson's Cabinet reconstruction

Adequacy or otherwise of B. Johnson's NHS spending pledge

Explainer on Northern Ireland Backstop from Institute for Government

Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating EU Withdrawal Deal" Eu diplomats told

Michael Gove accuses EU of intransigence

New Rebel Bid to halt new deal

Mr Johnson and plan to subvert democracy

Ireland says no deal renegotiation on Irish Backstop

Speaker Bercow

Judge rejects Court action over 350M claim

Will the Tory Party split?

ON Dominic Cummings

Lib Dems prefer Clarke or Harman to Corbyn

B. Johnson to Berlin and Paris

Leaks about post Brexit scenario

Johnson confident EU will back down

EU reject Johnson's bid to remove backstop

Merkel gives Johnson 30 days

"I'd lead temporary government" Ken Clarke


Macron dampens hope of Brexit deal

Boris Johnson in Europe: warmer words but a cold reality

Pm warns Ministers over bullying, leaking and trying to stop Brexit

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

G7 Meeting

Boris Johnson asks Queen to prorogue Parliament

What is Prorogation and why is Johnson using it?

" A constitutional outrage" says Speaker

"Outrage is Phoney says Jacob Rees-Mogg    

Prorogation Explainer

Lord Young quits

Ruth Davidson quits

I million + sign anti-prorogation petition

Gina Millar and the High Court

Tory MPs change their minds on prorogation

Scottish judge refuses to block prorogation plan

B. Johnson warns MPs not to damage chance of Brexit deal

An alternative Parliament to fight No-Deal Brexit?

Education spending increase plans

Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid

September 2019

Public opposition to Johnson "coup"

Observer on secret plan to shut down Parliament

Dominic Cummings'' "reign of terror"

Mr Gove refuses to say whether Government would abide by no-deal blocking legislation

Government suggests it may ignore No Deal prevention legislation[  [Channel 4]

Government will deselect Conservative MPs who vote to block No Deal Brexit

Irish Border After brexit: all ideas beset by issues

Tory deselection threat may boost plans to stop no deal Brexit

Speculation of snap Election mounts

B. Johnson Downing Street statement Guardian vtdeo

This prorogation is improper; the government should reverse it [The Constitution Unit]

Boris Johnson: Commons Defeat

Boris Johnson's electoral gamble risks wrecking Tory Party

 ....the Boris Johnson pantomime will end

ITV coverage of Commons Defeat and aftermath with useful video clips

The Tory Rebels

Cornered Boris Johnson suffers triple Commons defeat

Could there still be an election and what is happening with No Deal Brexit?

Brexit: Bill designed to block No Deal Brexit "will clear Lords"

Jo Johnson quits 

Police chiefs condemn Johnson 

An early or late election? 

Jo Johnson resignation and aftermath : Channel 4 

On Constitutional Reform [Prof. Meg Russell]

Opinion Poll[ Other polls are available]

Farage seeks election pact with Tories

Will Boris Johnson depose himself?

Amber Rudd resignation

Boris Johnson and possible court battle over Brexit delay law

Amber Rudd resignation

Andrew Neil interviews George Osborne [2017] Useful background on economic debate

Amber Rudd Resignation

6 ways Johnson could evade block on No Deal Brexit

John Bercow resigns 

Boris Johnson loses 6th vote in 6 days

Parliament prorogued

A Northern Ireland -only backstop?

Return of Theresa May withdrawal agreement?

MPs look to bring back May's deal

Mini Cabinet reshuffle

Scottish judges rule Boris Johnson's prorogation unlawful

Prorogation ruled unlawful

Farage-Johnson Pact?

Prorogation ruled unlawful

No Deal Brexit and Neoliberalism

Senior Tories rebuff Farage deal


How UK's Brexit drama became a crisis

Our very democracy is at stake

Sam Gyimah joins Lib Dems

David Cameron on Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson in Luxemburg

Ruth Davidson

Nothing normal about this beast of a government

Boris Johnson and Jennifer Arcuri

Supreme Court Judgement

More on Supreme Court verdict


One Nation Tories Unhappy

Inflammatory Language

We will respect the law and we will come out by October 31st

Brexit Forecast

Boris Johnson and Brexit Backers

Michel Barnier on Boris Johnson



Boris Johnson's Terrible Week

Will Boris Johnson ignore Brexit delay law

From 40 hospitals to 6

Jennifer Arcuri

Conservative Party Conference

Boris Johnson and Journalist

Boris Johnson's unwinnable chess game

Veteran Boris Johnson aide quits

The Tories have lost their ideology

October 2019

Moment of Truth on Brexit deal

Could some Labour MPs support Boris Johnson Brexit deal?

The EU prepares to move on

Conservative Party conference





Conservative Party Conference

Dominic Cummings


Boris Johnson prepares for discussions with EU leaders

Dismay in Brussels

EU Parliament

Boris Johnson seeks fresh suspension of Parliament from October 8th

Boris Johnson's Brexit plan revealed

Boris Johnson in new court showdown

Deal or no deal but no delay

Boris Johnson and new deal proposals