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Boris Johnson as PM

Full coverage of Boris Johnson from the Guardian, the BBC, the ITV, Channel 4


The Guardian: Conservative Party Leadership Election

The BBC: Conservative Party Leadership Election

ITV: Conservative Party Leadership Election

BBC Panorama : The Race for Number 10

Conservative Party Leadership Elections  [House of Commons Research Briefing]

The Results : All First 5 Rounds *****

July 2019

Boris Johnson defeats Jeremy Hunt

The Life of Boris Johnson [BBC Newsnight]

Boris Johnson : Downing Street First Speech as PM

Cabinet Reshuffle: Ministers leaving Cabinet

Cabinet Reshuffle

Boris Johnson's Cabinet Cull

Boris Johnson's Cabinet in numbers

Boris Johnson's First Day As PM

Who's Who in Boris Johnson's first Cabinet

EU will not renegotiate Brexit Deal [ J-C Juncker]

Brexit, Social Care, Police..  and more

Where Next? Channel 4 podcast

Economic problems

Boris Johnson rules out General Election amid European opposition to Brexit plans

Preparing Brexit : No Deal [from the Institute  for Government]

Pledge of 3.6Bn for left behind towns

Poll boost for Tories

Brexit Balance has shifted toward No Deal: Dominic Raab

Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon

Boris Johnson, DUP and Confidence and Supply Deal

The Border, Backstop and Brexit

20,000 extra police

Extra 2.1Bn for No Deal Brexit

August 2019

Boris Johnson's UK Tour

Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election Result

Brecon and Radnorshire By-Election Result

Mark Carney warns of instant shock of No Deal Brexit

Tory Rebels Threaten Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson pledges 1.8 Billion for NHS

Prime Minister's promise to level up school funding: analysis from Education Policy Institute

The "man of the people" what would plato think of Boris Johnson? [Professor Lea Ypi]

Analysis of Boris Johnson's Cabinet reconstruction

Adequacy or otherwise of B. Johnson's NHS spending pledge

Explainer on Northern Ireland Backstop from Institute for Government

Boris Johnson has no intention of renegotiating EU Withdrawal Deal" Eu diplomats told

Michael Gove accuses EU of intransigence