A2 Level and AS/Advanced  Level Government and Politics Teaching Resources: Political Ideologies 



The A2 Level course will be  taught for the last time in 2017-18 and this page is at present organised to reflect the 2017-18 A2 course specifications  .

New AS and Advanced Level Specifications will be introduced for first teaching from September 2017. Political Ideologies will be studied briefly in relation to Political Parties and then in much more detail  in Components 1 and 2 of the Edexcel Specification and in Component 3 of the AQA Specification and I shall gradually reorganise this page to reflect these new specifications.

 However changes in the new Specifications and in particular the emphasis placed upon particular key thinkers within each ideology mean that the documents on this page do not currently adequately reflect the requirements of the new Specifications. Consequently my advice to students following the New Specification  would be to rely upon advice from your teachers and recently published A Level texts on Political ideas rather than on the documents currently posted here. I shall probably very gradually post revised documents on this page although I am also strongly considering converting this page into Political Ideologies for General Interest rather than Political Ideologies for Advanced Level. 

Also you may click here for outlines on Key Political Thinkers provided by Tutor2U. They may  usefully be discussed with your teachers

Click here for the new  EDEXCEL Government and Politics  Specification and  supporting resources and  here  for new assessment guidance from EDEXCEL [Published September 2017]

Click here  the new AQA Government and Politics Specification and supporting resources


Currently my resources  are organised under the following headings but notice that there several important ideologies which I have not covered here . Also Fascist Ideology is not covered in the new specifications




Latest Links

"A Zombie Party: The Deepening Crisis of Conservatism" [Andy Beckett The Guardian 28/5/2019 ]

Study notes on Ideologies [From Tutor2U]

Key Political Thinkers [From Tutor2U]

Three essays on Mikhail Bakunin: One; Two; Three

Video lecture on Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary Wollstonecraft  [BBC Radio 4: In Our Time]

Rosa Luxemburg : In Our Time  *****

Rosa Luxemburg [ Film 1Hour 50 mins]

Rosa Luxemburg {Article from The Conversation]

Rosa Luxemburg {Article from The Wire]

Rosa Luxemburg [Article from The Jacobin

Teaching notes on Rosa Luxemburg

Click here for a detailed and wide ranging Political Philosophy site which also contains some useful resources on Political Ideologies..

Very useful links on Ayn Rand added December 2018 and June 2019 . Click here for a podcast interview [45 mins]  from 1979 and here for an excellent film by Adam Curtis tracing Ayn Rand's career and influence on US politics to the present day and here for an article by Professor Lisa Duggan and here for an article on Professor Duggan's book on Ayn Rand

Ms C. K. McCombe has recently collated a very useful list of articles for Advanced Level Government and Politics students which can be accessed here. One of her links is to the following articles site on The Third way which are listed below  


Anthony Giddens on the Third Way in 1999 , 2004 and 2010   and 2010 again Also Click here and here  here and here and here   for further articles on Anthony Giddens and The Third Way  and click here for a 2006 lecture by Anthony Giddens on Tony Blair  with some discussion of The Third Way

Social Democracy after the Third Way :Restoration or Renewal ?    Detailed technical paper by Arndt C and Kersbergen K

Articles from Andrew Heywood's Website

Steve Richards' 3 part Radio 4 series on the Cameron Years is an exceptional resource for students and teachers alike

The Crisis of Conservatism [New Statesman article by Nick Timothy]

Very useful Power Points on Conservatism, Liberalism and Socialism  via Highlands Politics Dropbox  [You can also follow Highlands Politics on Twitter]

Gramsci and Neo-Marxism : An Introduction

Conservatism, Ideology, Economic Inequality and Poverty

British Socialism: The Grand Tour  Radio 4 Series presented by Anne McElvoy

British Liberalism : The Grand Tour Radio 4 Series presented by Anne McElvoy

British Conservatism: The Grand Tour Radio 4 Series presented by Anne McElvoy


Some Resources to dip into during your course.

Link to Series of Lectures on Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, ,Burke ,Marx and others   [From Peter Woodcock of Huddersfield University]  VERY USEFUL

Visit the Ashbourne College Government and Politics Site   The site contains very useful A2 Political Ideologies resources...and more

Visit Professor Vernon Bogdanor's lectures on Britain in the 20th Century  Some useful historical background

Visit The History Guide from Professor Steven Kreis  Some useful historical background

Visit Nick Shepley's  History site : Audio resources for useful historical background : Lenin , Stalin, Gramsci, Mao and more although knowledge of these individuals/ ideas is not required by the A Level Specifications.



Teaching Notes and Links


Introductory Ideas

What does it mean to be Left Wing Today [from Left Foot Forward]

Is the Post-War Consensus a Myth?

Contemporary Politics: The Limitations of Left and Right [From Democratic Audit]

 Review of The French Connection [On Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and Right and Left from the Weekly Standard]

Thomas Paine [by Norman Baker for the Daily Politics]

Link to Series of Video Lectures on Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, ,Burke ,Marx and others  [By Dr. Pete Woodcock of Huddersfield University ]

Stephanie Flanders’ three part  series for the BBC: Masters of Money: John Maynard KeynesFriedrich Hayek; Karl Marx 

Adam Smith

Click here for the East Norfolk Sixth Form College Government and Politics Twitter Page with links to useful articles on Ideologies with suggested topics for discussion. NEW March 2014



The Ideology of Liberalism    Unfinished  : link currently broken: cannot be downloaded

Liberalism and the Liberal Democrats


Liberalism Links

Core Political Ideas of Liberalism and key Liberal Thinkers [Tutor2U]

British Liberalism : The Grand Tour [Anne McElvoy series for BBC Radio 4] NEW link December 2015

The Social Contract NEW link December 2015

Mary Wollstonecraft  [BBC Radio 4: In Our Time] NEW link December 2015

The Wealth of Nations NEW link December 2015

Utilitarianism NEW link December 2015

Short videos on Utilitarianism

John Stuart Mill  [BBC Radio 4: In Our Time] NEW link December 2015

Social Darwinism NEW link December 2015

Some Aspects of Keynesian Economics [From Economics Help] NEW link December 2015

Very useful Class Notes on Liberalism [ from the Ashbourne College Site]

Website of the Liberal Democrat History Group [ Very useful on Liberal Ideology and History]

The Coalition 2010-2011: [1]   [BBC]  

The Coalition 2010-2011: [2]   [BBC] 

BBC reviews of the year for Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties  October 2nd  2013

BBC Political Review of 2014


The Coalition: Lessons Learned ?

BBC Political Review of the Year 2015

BBC Political Review of the Year 2016

  The Political Ideology of The Cameron-Clegg Coalition Government by Kevin Hickson   Very useful

Click here for  The Liberal Democrats: Journey to a Lib-Con Coalition and Where Next?  by Richard Grayson**** Very useful.

Click here for Richard Grayson's explanation for his decision [July 2013] to leave the Liberal Democrats [from the Compass website]

 The Guardian on Vince Cable and Capitalism

 The BBC on Divisions within Modern Liberalism

 The BBC on Orange Book Liberalism

Click here for BBC's Analysis on The Orange Book and the Liberal Democrats

Click here for a critique of the above programme from a well informed Liberal Democrat supporter

The Liberal Democrat Conference 2013 [Guardian coverage]

Nick Clegg: The Liberal who came to power. [Steve Richards 2 Part Series for Radio 4]

Jean Jacques Rousseau 

Tom Paine [from BBC] 



The Nature of Socialism [1]

The Nature of Socialism: Table

Labour and Ideology

Anthony Crosland and Labour Revisionism  ****

 Essay: Socialism and Common Ownership

Evolutionary and Revolutionary Socialism


Revision Exercise: Socialism

Essay: Socialism: Means and Ends

Social Democracy and New Labour  [Now contains links to information on "Blue Labour" and subsequent developments]

The Third Way [Summary of Professor A. Giddens' book

Is Labour a Post-Socialist Party?

Ed Miliband , Social Democracy and the Labour Party [Unfinished]

Socialism: Links

Core Political Ideas: Socialism [From Tutor2U]

The Labour Party

Very Nice PowerPoint Presentation on Socialism and Communism 

An Overview of Socialism [External slide show from Slideshare]

ZNET  [Noam Chomsky, Robert Fisk, Naomi Klein, George Monbiot, John Pilger  and many more]

Documentary on Clement Attlee [BBC 4]

New Statesman articles on Clement Attlee : One ; Two

An Anti-Racist Analysis of Left Anti-Semitism

Series of PDF [PPT-style] presentations on British Politics from Keele University. [Link currently broken but may be reactivated in the future!]

Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Labour and Social Democracy   [From Guardian]


The Formation of the SDP [Guardian]


Click here for the Guardian’s Obituary of Lord Dennis Healey


Visit the Left Futures Website for video materials on the life and times of Tony Benn

Essay on Post-War Consensus

Labour1979-1997: The Wilderness Years [4 Part BBC documentary ]  December 2012

The Legacy of Tony Crosland [ Queen Mary College University of London Conference transcripts and videos]

Tony Crosland and British Social Democracy

Fabian Review items on Tony Crosland

What is the Third Way? [From BBC]

Anthony Giddens on the Third Way in 1999 , 2004 and 2010   and 2010 again  New links March 2018

Left, Right and the Third Way [S. Driver and L. Martell]

Labour Party: A PowerPoint Presentation

Link to David Coates' website articles on current British Politics, especially the politics of the Labour Party

Tony Blair and Thatcherism

Tony Blair on Labour Governments 1997-2010



Tony in 2025: Blair as History [a Lecture by John Rentoul]

BBC Item on Blue Labour 

BBC Analysis on Blue Labour   

The Labour Tradition and the Politics of Paradox [Blue Labour -related detailed articles]

  New Statesman Article on Blue Labour in the context of Labour History 

New Statesman article by Rowenna Davis on Blue Labour

New Statesman Article on New Labour

Blue Labour Website NEW January 2016

Click here for a page of links on Blue Labour September 2013

Click here for recent statement of Blue Labour principles September 2017

Click here for Steve Richard's Radio 4 Series on the Premiership of Gordon Brown

Click here for Simon Lee's article on Gordon Brown's government

Click here for article on Gordon Brown [See especially "Policy Vision" section]

Click here for Chris Mullin's  Guardian review of William Keegan's reassessment of Gordon Brown February 2013

Click here for an article On Gordon Brown by Hopi Sen [in Renewal Magazine] July 2013

Click here for Hopi Sen's Renewal review of Steve Richards' book "Whatever It Takes"   July 2013

David Runciman on Blue Labour

The Progress Website   July 2013

  The Guardian on The Purple Book 

 The New Statesman on The Purple Book 

The Purple Book   July 2013

The Purple Papers    July 2013

Philip Coman {Observer] article on Labour Party and Capitalism

The Policy Network Website: a Mine of Information on New Labour and After 

The Fabian Society Website   May 2012

 Link to Back Copies of the Fabian Society Review July 2013

The Progress Website [a New Labour Pressure Group] May 2012

Three inter-connected articles  on the future of the Labour Party

1. In Praise of Social Democracy: Roy Hattersley and Kevin Hickson

2. Time to Rethink Not Reassure: David Miliband

 3. In Defence of Social Democracy: Kevin Hickson

Guardian article: Labour's Lost Liberalism  March 2012

The Guardian on Jon Cruddas  May 2012

Ed Miliband And The Labour Party

What is Milibandism [New Statesman July 2012]

Click here for Benjamin Disraeli and here for Ed Miliband and One Nation Politics  October 2012

Click here and follow appropriate links for Podcasts from a Queen Mary College London Conference on One Nation Labour July 2013

 Click here and follow subsequent links to a series of LSE Podcasts on the theme of "One Nation" July 2013

Click here for New Statesman article by Rowenna Davis on Blue Labour  October 2012

Click here for "What does Ed Miliband really think?" [Steve Richards for Radio 4] November 2012

Click here for "The Role of the State in the good Society [JON Cruddas lecture published in New Statesman] December 2012 

Click here for Good bye to Old and New Labour Jan 2013

Click here and here for two useful Observer articles April 2013

Blue Labour and the Welfare State June 2013

Labour and Predistribution     [BBC Radio 4 Analysis] June 2013 

The Crisis facing Europe's Centre- Left [by Peter Kellner of YOU GOV] July 2013

Click here for "Where is Labour going wrong?" [Guardian article by John Harris]  August 2013

Click here for Guardian article on the formation of Left Unity September 2013

One Nation : Power, Hope , Community [E-book edited by Owen Smith and Rachel Reeves]    September 2013

The Guardian's One Nation Series [Extracts from the above E-Book] September 2013

The Ideas of Ed Miliband [New Statesman article by Raphael Behr] November 2013

The Future of the Left {Series of LSE podcasts from 2011-12 ] April 2014

Assertive Social Democracy [Video talk by Colin Crouch] September 2015


The Making of Ed Miliband [Guardian article by Raphael Behr] April 2015

The Aftermath of Ed Miliband's Resignation [Guardian article by Raphael Behr] May 2015

Labour dies again [Ross McKibbin London Review of Books] May 2015

How Labour Politicians disowned the Party's Key  Policies [ Guardian article by Daniel Boffey ] June 2015

Ed Miliband and Labour's General Election Defeat [Guardian article by Patrick Wintour ] June 2015

The Undoing of Ed Miliband

 Discussion on the Future of the Labour Party [Radio 4: Chair Andrew Rawnsley ] June 2015

Leadership Difficulties of Ed Miliband and Jeremy Corbyn August 2015

Selection of articles on Labour Party Leadership Election NEW September 2015

BBC Review of the Year 2015 NEW December 2015

BBC on Labour in 2015  New December 2015

Article on Jeremy Corbyn {The Economist] December 2015

Article on Ed Miliband by Dr Eunice Goes

More articles on Ed Miliband by Dr Eunice Goes here and here

Podcast [7 minutes] on Ed Miliband by Dr Eunice Goes May 2016

Newsnight discussion of Milibandism from 2013 May 2016

Michael Cockerell on Ed Miliband May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn and The Labour Party

Various Items on the Election of Jeremy Corbyn 2015

Article on Jeremy Corbyn [Sam Knight for The New Yorker] May 2016

Article on Jeremy Corbyn [A very public sociologist May 2016

Article on Jeremy Corbyn [Labour List] May 2016

Article on Jeremy Corbyn[ Economist]  May 2016

Article on Jeremy Corbyn and 2016 Local Election Results [Prof. John Curtice: The Independent] May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn Audio Lecture at LSE : Rebuilding the Politics of Hope May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn  Lecture at LSE: Transcript : Rebuilding the Politics of Hope May 2016

New Labour or the normalization of neo-liberalism [Prof. B. Jessop] May 2016

The Guardian on the Labour Party Leadership [2000+ articles] July 2016

Blue Labour: Forging a New Politics [Book Review] September 2016

Blue Labour in the era of Corbyn

The Labour Leadership Election 2016 September 2016

Tony Blair's Legacy  : 20 Years on May [BBC] 2017

Tony Blair's view of Brexit and the Labour Party July 2017

The Labour Party and the 2017 General Election: Guardian Long Read September 2017

The Labour Party in September 2017 [The Economist] September 2017

Articles from Andrew Heywood's Website  [Scroll down for article on The Rise of Jeremy Corbyn].

Jeremy Corbyn : Class and Nation


Marxism: An Introduction 

Marx and Marxism

Marx and Historical Materialism

Bourgeoisie and Proletariat

Base and Superstructure

Ruling Class Ideology: An Introduction

Marxism and Revolution

Marx and Contemporary Society

Marxism and Structural Functionalism: Some Basic Comparisons

Marxism Links

Guardian Series on Marxism: Part One  

 Guardian Series on Marxism: Part Two 

Guardian Series on Marxism: Part Three 

Guardian Series on Marxism: Part Four 

Guardian Series on Marxism: Part Five  

Guardian Series on Marxism : Part Six  

Guardian Series on Marxism: Part Seven 

Guardian Series on Marxism: Part Eight

Scroll down for a similar Guardian series on The Frankfurt School

Lenin, Stalin and the USSR from The History Guide

Rosa Luxemburg : In Our Time  *****

Rosa Luxemburg [ Film 1Hour 50 mins]

Rosa Luxemburg {Article from The Conversation]

Rosa Luxemburg {Article from The Wire]

Rosa Luxemburg [Article from The Jacobin

Friedrich Engels: The Man who made Marxism [Audio lecture by Dr Tristram Hunt] NEW January 2013

Click here for Professor Bob Jessop's audio lecture series [with slides] on Antonio Gramsci.  NEWEST

Mao from the BBC

Mao from the Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World

The Age of Dictatorship : Europe 1918-1989 Gresham's  College/Past European History Lectures]



Introducing Anarchism [Chart]

  Internet Biographies of Major Anarchists

An Analysis of Anarchism

Anarchism and Human Nature

Anarchism and the State

Essay: Why have anarchists believed that the State is unnecessary? 

 Anarchism and Equality

Core Values of Anarchism [Chart]

Anarchism and Liberalism

Anarchism and Socialism

Varieties of Anarchism

A Partial Summary of Key Theoretical Positions within Anarchism

Anarchist Methods

Anarchism : Recent Developments and Criticisms

Essay: Is anarchism closer to liberalism or to socialism?

Essay: Is anarchism merely an extreme form of free market liberalism?


Anarchism Links


Study notes on Ideologies [Including Anarchism From Tutor2U]

Key Political Thinkers [Including Anarchists From Tutor2U]

Three essays on Mikhail Bakunin: One; Two; Three


Demanding the Impossible [Book on Anarchism and Human Nature: long download]

Anarchism, Limited Government and Liberalism  September 2012

An excellent article on Anarchism [by David Goodway]   June 2012

Series of YouTube videos offering a sympathetic analysis of Anarchism 

YouTube: Anarchism 101 with Noam Chomsky  

Anarchism: From the Dictionary of the History of Ideas

Anarchism: For and Against

An Anarchist FAQ  from Web

Anarchism Website

Social Anarchism Website

Anarchism and Liberalism

An Anarchist Perspective on the Spanish Civil War [New January 2014]

Anarchism and the Anti-Globalisation Movement by Barbara Epstein [external link]

Radio 4 on Utopianism

Guardian Article on Baader- Meinhof Gang [by Neil Ascherson]

Robert Nozick [External Link]

Guardian on Animal Rights Movement

Peter Marshall on the New Right and Anarcho-Capitalism 

Proposed Roads to Freedom by Bertrand Russell [External link with information on Marx and Bakunin] 

Article on The New Anarchists from the New Left Review by David Graebner

Article on Contemporary Anarchism from the International Socialist Review by Eric Kerl

Anarchism and Political Theory: Contemporary Problems [ Dr. Uri Gordon's PhD thesis] NEW July 2013

Video Lecture by Noam Chomsky : On Anarchism NEW December 2013

Anarchist Theory and Human Rights { Detailed2005  academic paper by Scott Turner and David Miller  ]New here December 2013



Reflections on the Revolution in France : Edmund Burke  [A study guide]

Burke and Paine

Edmund Burke [Jesse Norman Lecture]

Edmund Burke, Michael Oakeshott and Conservatism [Jesse Norman lecture]

Edmund Burke [Yale University Lecture]

Useful item on Edmund Burke

England and the French Revolution [Edmund Burke, Mary Wollstonecraft, William Godwin and more]

The French Revolution [Outline notes]

Main Elements of Traditional British Conservatism   {This document will be extended in the future]

Recent Guardian article from Roger Scruton on Conservatism [Added September 2014]

Conservatism and Equality


Conservatism, Ideology, Economic Inequality and Poverty  [NEW  more detailed document added November 2017]


Essay: Is Conservatism a Ruling Class Ideology

Essay: Conservatism, Individualism and the Community

The New Right and Thatcherism 

Conservatism   1990-2008.....with a few more recent links


Conservatism Links

Series of short lectures on Conservatism

Theresa May and The Conservative Party NEW December 2016

Adam Smith

The History Guide on Edmund Burke and the French Revolution

In Our Time : Edmund Burke

Independent Article on the Contemporary Relevance of Edmund Burke

The Victorian Web [Includes very useful materials on 19th Century Conservatism]

Information on the British Empire

Harold Macmillan [Lord Stockton]: An Obituary [Published in the Guardian]

Thatcherism and the End of the Post-War Consensus [Article for the BBC by Professor Dennis Kavanagh]  

 Sir Edward Heath: An Obituary by Professor Dennis Kavanagh [Published in the Independent]

The Political Assassination of Margaret Thatcher [A clip from an Andrew  Marr Documentary posted on You Tube]

The End of Margaret Thatcher [a docu-drama posted on YouTube]

The Downing Street Years [a detailed 4 Part BBC documentary now posted on YouTube on the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher]

Detailed article on John Major

John Major: An Unsuccessful Prime Minister?  {book review]

Link to French Magazine Articles on John Major [Several in English!]

The Conservative Party Under David Cameron: A Separate Page of Links 

Conservative Scepticism 2012 [Nassim Nicholas Taleb and the Black Swan from the BBC]  

Radio 4 Analysis on Nassim Nicholas Taleb 

Ideology as Commonsense : the Case of British Conservatism  [by Robert Eccleshall]

Conservative Home: The Home of Conservatism  

Ideology and Policy in the Conservative -Liberal Democrat Coalition [Audio Seminar by Dr. Matt Beech] June 2012

A Review by Professor Jules Gehrke of British Conservatism : The Politics and Philosophy of Inequality by Professor Peter Dorey   July 2012

What does conservatism stand for ?[Recent Guardian article by Ed Rooksby]  August 2012

Click here for Benjamin Disraeli and here for Ed Miliband and One Nation Politics  October 2012

Visit the Proceedings of a PSA Conference on Conservatism at the University of Hull: Articles and Video Material  January 2013

Implications of UKIP for Ideological Positioning of Cameron's Conservative Party  

Reflections on the Thatcher Legacy  [Links on PSA site to articles on Thatcherism] May 2013

A New Statesman Review by John Gray of Jesse Norman's recent biography of Edmund Burke July 2013

British Conservatism : The Grand Tour [New Radio 4 Series presented by Anne McElvoySeptember 2013

Ideology in Politics: Reflections on Lady Thatcher's Legacy [by Sunder Katwala for the  IPPR ] September 2013

The Conservative Party Under David Cameron: A Separate Page of Links

The Conservative Party Leadership [Ongoing Guardian coverage] July 2016

Will Brexit break the Conservatives? {Prospect July 2018]



The State

Essay: Marxist, Elite and Pluralist Theories of The State  XX A revised version of this essay will appear soon

 Ideology and The State XX



The first five documents are designed to provided a basic introduction to the analysis of Fascism

The Study of Fascism  XX

Fascism: Introduction  XX

The Nature of Fascism  XX

Nature of Fascism2  XX

Nature of Fascism 3  XX

 The following eleven documents are rather more detailed

Introducing Fascism

Fascism and Irrationalism

The Origins of Fascist Ideology: 1

The Origins of Fascist Ideology: 2

Fascism and Elite Theories: Summary

Fascism : Struggle and Totalitarianism

Germany: Nationalism, Socialism  and Nazism

Fascism 4: Nazism, Racism and Anti-Semitism

Italy: Italian Fascism, Nationalism  and Socialism

Italian Fascism and German Nazism

Fascism and Conservatism

Fascism Links

The following section contains historical background information from  a range of external sites.


History of Italian Fascism

A PowerPoint on Italian Fascism 

History of Italian Fascism and German Nazism 

Very useful PowerPoint on History of Nazism by Neil Charles Gardner

   The Age of Dictatorship : Europe 1918-1939Gresham's  College/Past European History Lectures]

The Seeds of Evil

History of Nazism

Germany and Europe 1871-1945 [EXCELLENT Lecture notes by Raffael Scheck]  May 2012

A View of the Holocaust [BBC]

Hitler Lecture [I. Kershaw] and Timeline

Hitler and Mussolini from The History Guide [See Lectures 9 and 10]

Useful Materials and Activities on the Development of Nazi Ideology

A Century of British Fascism [Searchlight Publication]


The Guardian on Far Right Politics in the UK

The Guardian: John Tyndall Obituary

The Political Economy of Fascism and Populism [Very detailed site developed by Dr. David Lewis- Baker at the University of Cincinnati ]  April 2012

Exemplar : Presentation One  on the Political Economy of Fascism [From Dr. David Lewis -Baker's site ]    April 2012

The Nature of Generic Fascism; The Fascist Minimum and the Fascist Matrix [Essay By Roger Eatwell]  May 2012

The Palingenetic Core of Generic Fascist Ideology [Essay by Roger Griffin]   May 2012

Italian Fascism; between Ideology and Spectacle   May 2012

What is Fascism? [Article in International Socialism by Jim Wolfreys ]  May 2012

Fascism [A new Journal of Fascist Studies] September 2012

Fascism and Neo-Fascism Researchers Study Group [Linked in] September  2012

World War Two and Nazi Genocide [from the BBC] November 2012

Part One and Part Two of  documentary on Hitler [YouTube from National Geographic] December 2012

Part One and Part Two of drama on Hitler [You Tube] December 2012

Fascism and Ideology [Wikipedia] January 2013


Varieties of Feminism


Feminism: Some Recent Studies

Feminist Theory and Methodology

Radio 4 on Feminism

Essay: Sex, Gender and Feminist Analysis



Ideology and Equality  XX

Ideology and Equality Chart



Miscellaneous Links [Retained mainly for my own interest]


Link to series of BBC Video lectures on Lloyd George, F .E. Smith,, Nancy Astor , Churchill, Bevan and Powell....with more to follow. 

Link to Nick Robinson's Radio Four Talks on The Prime Ministers

Link to OXPOL: the Oxford University Politics Blog

Links to History Modules at the University of Warwick

The following resources are designed for University students but you may like to dip into them as your knowledge of ideologies increases. However be aware that some of these materials are quite difficult and they do require more detailed knowledge than is actually necessary for the  Advanced Level examinations.

Visit the Open University's Open Learn Page on "Thinkers" [ Brief items on Marx, Rousseau, Kant, Nietzsche and more]

Visit Lecture course on Political Theory: Hobbes, Locke, Smith, Marx, Feminism, Foucault

Link to videos of Michael Sandel's thought provoking Harvard University Course on Justice. It contains useful information on J. Locke , J. Bentham, J. S. Mill, R. Nozick and J. Rawls among others

Click here and follow the links to three Yale University video lecture courses in Political Philosophy, one in Sociological Theory and one in Modern European History