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"Sociology makes me think about things I wouldn't normally think about and things I normally think about I think about in a totally different way"   [Anon.]


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Napier AS and Advanced Level Sociology Work Books

  • Click here for Year One Work Books: What is Sociology; Education; Research Methods; Families and Households: Examination Preparation

  • Click here for Year Two Work Books: Beliefs In Society: Crime and Deviance; Theory and Methods: Examination Preparation.



End of Term Resources?

  • Click here **** and here**** for  some videos by Professor Henry Giroux which may provoke some end of term discussion among A Level Sociology students New links added July 2018

  •  Click the following links for BBC Political Reviews of 20142015, 2016 and 2017  New Links added July 2018


New Government and Politics Resources . New Links added July 2018

  • Ms C. K. McCombe has recently collated a very useful list of articles and audio/video resources for Advanced Level Government and Politics students which can be accessed here. This list will also be updated regularly and so I hope that students will reuse this link every so often. Meanwhile one of the current links is to the following articles  on The Third Way




  • Click here for a page containing  links to resources covering all of the main topics in the Sociology of the Mass Media .

  • Click here. for  a page of links  to useful Sociology sites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages  used in the construction of this site. There is also information here on additional  Sociology topics  such as   Global Development , Health,  Belief Systems and others which I have  not covered .

  • Click here for links to useful Government and Politics sites.


  • Click here for SociologyStuff.com : an excellent new Sociology site produced by Steve Chapman. NEW revision resources on Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods have recently been added.

  • Click here for Kate Flatley's The TEACHERSOCIOLOGY You Tube channel for very useful advice on answering A Level Sociology examination questions.

  • Click here for some helpful advice on  Advanced Level Sociology examination essay techniques provided by Ms Kate Henney






These are twitter accounts which are geared to AS  and Advanced Level Sociology Units in the AQA , OCR and WJEC Specifications. They are regularly updated with information on contemporary sociological issues and as such very helpful for A Level Sociology teachers and their students. With thanks to Ken Browne


Culture and Identity: #SOCCUID 


Work, Poverty and Welfare:#SOCWPW  

Globalisation and the Digital World  :#SOCGSDW

Crime and Deviance: #SOCCD 

Social Differentiation and Stratification/Understanding Social Inequality:#SOCSD    


Families and Households :#SOCFAM


Global Development #SOCGD

Mass Media #SOCM  

Theory and Methods: #SOCTM

Beliefs in Society: #SOCBiS


  • Hello! My name is Russell Haggar and I  taught  both Sociology and Government and Politics at Advanced and GCSE levels mainly at the City of Norwich School for approximately 30 years. Having recently ended my full-time teaching career I hope to be able to spend a little more time extending the site in the future!
  • I hope  that these resources may be useful for  AS and  A Level Sociology students ,for students resitting A2 Sociology in 2017, for AS and A2 Government and Politics students and also for students following Access to Higher Education Courses and for Scottish students following Scottish Intermediate and Higher Courses and that some of the more detailed documents might possibly be helpful for beginning undergraduates. [Note that new Advanced Level Government and Politics Specifications are due to be introduced in 2017.]
  •  Essentially the Sociology Topics available on  this site are Introducing Sociology, Families and Households, The Sociology of Education, Stratification, Differentiation and Social Inequality and Power and Politics .  Each section has several fairly detailed documents but I have been unable to cover entire examination specifications for any of these topics. After several years the site remains very much a work in progress!


  • Click here and follow the links for resources and links for  Advanced Level, AS and A2 Government and Politics Courses.


  • Well: good luck with your studies!



The Sociology Modules

Introducing Sociology

Education with Methods in Context [AQA AS Compulsory ];  Education with Theory and Methods [AQA Year1Compulsory] ; Education [WJEC Eduqas  Option AS  and Year1] ;Education [OCR Option Year 2]

Families and Households {AQA Option AS and  Year 1] and Families and Relationships [OCR Option AS and Year1] and Families and Households [WJEC Eduqas Option AS and Year 1]

Stratification and Differentiation  [AQA Option Year 2] ;  Researching and Understanding Social Inequalities   [OCR Compulsory AS and Year 1] Social  Differentiation and Stratification  [WJEC Eduqas Compulsory Year 2]    

Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods [AQA Compulsory Year2 ] Crime and Deviance [OCR Option Year 2] ; Crime and Deviance [WJEC Eduqas Option Year 2 ]

Politics: [WJEC Eduqas  Option Year 2]


The WJEC Eduqas Examination Board

  • You may  click here  to access the Specification for Welsh Centres and  click here to access the Specification for Non-Welsh centres.
  • Also you may click here for resources provided by Eduqas for the WJEC courses

The WJEC Eduqas examination board  has  provided separate Specifications  for Welsh and Non-Welsh centres. There are some variations in the organisation and content of these Specifications but in each case Families and Households and Education may by studied as optional topics  in Year 1. There are several other alternative options in Year 1 [See Specifications] .

 Social Differentiation and Stratification  is studied as a compulsory topic in Year 2 and Crime and Deviance and Politics may be studied as  optional topics  in Year 2. As expected the course for Welsh centres gives some considerable  emphasis to aspects of Welsh Politics. There are several further options in Year 2 [See Specifications.]

My resources may be used as appropriate if you are following WJEC Eduqas courses

  • Click here for Steve Bassett's You Tube Channel for podcasts geared to the WJEC Eduqas Specification for English Centres but are relevant also for other specifications.
  • Click here for St Cuthbert Mayne School Sociology Site for resources on Socialisation and Culture, Youth Culture, Education, Research Methods, Crime and Deviance and Social Inequality .[These resources have been written for the Eduqas Specification but will  be relevant also for other specifications.]



Government and Politics: AS Level , Advanced Level and A2 Level

New Government and Politics Specifications were introduced for first teaching in September  2017


Click to consult the new  Government and Politics  Specifications from AQA and from EDEXCEL

[A2 Government and Politics will be taught for the last time in 2017-18] 


AS and Advanced Level Year 1 Government and Politics

A2 and  Advanced Level  Government and Politics [Political Ideologies]


Scroll down a little  further  for several useful sites on UK and/or USA Government and Politics ***






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 Here you may  on Twitter here and also connect with a great community of Sociology and Government and Politics teachers and students  who provide a continuing stream of links to informative articles and useful teaching ideas. With thanks to all colleagues who have helped me. Brilliant.

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NEWEST  Click the following links for BBC Political Reviews of 20142015, 2016 and 2017

NEWEST:  Click here for Steve Richards' Three Part series for Radio 4 on The Long March of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour

NEWEST  Click here for The Conservative Party and here for The Labour Party and here for The Liberals and The Liberal Democrats [Gresham College Lectures by Professor Vernon Bogdanor:]


NEWEST; Political Investigations [PEPED] . Very useful resources for A Level Government and Politics [UK and USA Politics]

NEWEST; Very useful revision resources from the Politics Teaching Web site which is being regularly updated
NEWEST : Individual Ministerial Responsibility and Collective Cabinet Responsibility

NEW St. Marks Government and Politics  Lots of Podcasts on Political Ideologies and more

NEW electionanalysisuk: website containing dozens of short articles on the UK General Elections of 2015 and 2017, the UK EU Referendum  and the 2016 USA Presidential Election
NEW Steve Richards' three part Radio 4 series on The Cameron Years
  Podcasts on the  US President:   from George Washington to Donald Trump  The Washington Post
NEW Link to free Harvard University Course on American Government. [You have to register]
    Link to tutor2u Politics

. Link to Steve Bassett's Political Sociology podcasts . Very useful also for aspects of Government and Politics

 Link to Resources on Google Drive produced by members of Facebook A Level Government and Politics Group

    Link to Mr Carter's Podcasts on UK and USA Politics

   Podcasts on UK and US Government and Politics from Mr Bert Fegg

American President: A Reference Resource [The Miller Centre] Detailed Information on US Presidencies
  LSE Podcast: Has Obama been a transformative President?


  • Click here for Steve Richard's Radio 4  Series on the Premiership of Gordon Brown


  • Click here for "In It Together: the Inside Story of the Coalition Government






  •   Click here  for the Loughborough Grammar School Government and Politics Blog :  very useful information on UK and USA Politics








  • Click here for the East Norfolk Sixth Form College Government and Politics Twitter Page which contains many links to useful articles with suggested topics for discussion.






  • Click here for a Compendium of Video and Audio Materials on AS and A2 Government and Politics and Sociology [UK  and USA and more]






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