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The UK EU Referendum : Some Links [More will be added!]





Two lectures by Professor Simon Hix on Britain and Europe   Video

Enoch Powell and modern Tory Euroscepticism

Euroscepticism and the Conservative Party

Brexit and the Conservative Party [ Matthew d'Ancona: Guardian]

Long term trends and Brexit [Prof Michael Sandel : New Statesman]

Brexit : A disaster decades in the making [Gary Younge Guardian]

How the Eurosceptics got their referendum {Professor  Tim Bale: LSE Blog

43 Years of Embarrassed Pro-Europeanism contributed to Brexit . Eunice Goes : LSE Blog


David Cameron on the prospect of Brexit [Observer]

Tax increases and government spending reductions will follow Brexit says George Osborne {Guardian]

The EU Referendum [Professor Michael Dougan]  Video

EU referendum Arguments [Professor  Danny Dorling]

UK-EU Economic Relations House of Commons Library Briefing Paper

The Case for Brexit: Why the UK should quit the EU. Dr Alan Sked Audio

Out and into the world: why the Spectator is for Brexit [The Spectator]

The Left Wing case for Brexit [One Day] Paul Mason

Immigration Data {The Conversation]

EU and Fracking [The Independent]

IFS and LSE experts' views on economy

Working class Culture and the EU referendum [Paul Mason : Guardian]

Is The EU really run by unelected bureaucrats [Professor  Simon Hix: LSE Blog]

Brexit and the impact of Immigration on the UK [LSE Centre for Economic Performance]


Impact of Judicial Decision [Guardian Panel]

Impact of Judicial decision [Guardian: Polly Toynbee]

Impact Of Judicial decision [Guardian; Rowena Mason and others ]

Theresa May , Judiciary  and Brexit

The Judiciary and Brexit [BBC]

The Judiciary and Brexit[BBC]

How the UK voted [Lord Ashcroft Poll]

Detailed analysis of voting patterns [Joseph Rowntree Foundation]

Analysis of Results [BBC]

Analysis by Danny Dorling

The Failure of the Remain Campaign [Rafael Behr : Guardian]

Panorama: Why we voted "Leave" Britain Speaks" Video

After the EU referendum: What next for Britain and Europe?  Video

The UK after the Referendum [Professor Michael Dougan] Video

The UK in a Changing Europe

Britain, Europe and the real crisis [Kenan Malik]

Don't blame Jeremy Corbyn [Professor John Curtice: New Statesman]

Earnings, Inequality and votes [Resolution Foundation]

Post-Referendum Racism [New Internationalist]

Post -Referendum Racism {Guardian]

Immigration and Workers' Rights [Guardian]

Accusations of Dishonesty {Nick Cohen Observer]

On possible party splits and realignments Professor David Saunders [The Conversation]

Cameron's Misjudgement /[Andrew Rawnsley Observer

On David Cameron [Patrick Dunleavy : LSE Blog]

On David Cameron {Aditya Chakrabortty Guardian]

Conservative Leader: Who might succeed David Cameron?

David Cameron [Guardian] 

The David Cameron Story [BBC]

The resignation of Nigel Farage as UKIP Leader

The Conservative Party Leadership [Ongoing Guardian coverage]

Robert Peston Interviews Theresa May

The Politics Hub [Very useful YouTube Source]