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I have also recently added  a page of links to the main Sociology Sites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages  which I have used in the construction of this site. These sites also provide information on  several further Sociology topics which I have not covered  such as  Mass Media, Global Development , Health,  Belief Systems and others .


Newest Links: March-April 2017

  • Click here for a page containing  links to resources covering all of the main topics in the Sociology of the Mass Media
  • Click here for St Cuthbert Mayne School Sociology Site for resources on Socialisation and Culture, Youth Culture, Education, Research Methods, Crime and Deviance and Social Inequality .[These resources have been written for the Eduqas Specification but will  be relevant also for other specifications.]
  • Click here for a series of short articles from the Runnymede Trust/Classonline; Race and Class in Post-Brexit Britain
  • Visit Alexandra Sugden's  YouTube Channel   for podcasts on Crime and Deviance Sociological Theories, Research Methods and Education Some new podcasts on Sociological Theories recently added.
  • A detailed ,very informative article [2013] by Professor B. Francis and Dr B. Wong  : What is Preventing Social Mobility? A Review of The Evidence
  • Mr Steven Humphrys has recently uploaded resources on Theory and Methods to the TES site. There were originally written for older AQA Sociology specifications but they are nevertheless very useful. Click here and here for Theory and Methods respectively.
  • Ms Sarah Best has recently uploaded some very useful resources on Families and Households, Beliefs and Society and Sociological Theory to the "Drop Box" on the AQA A Level Sociology Teachers page. Click here to visit the page.


  • Hello! My name is Russell Haggar and I  taught  both Sociology and Government and Politics at Advanced and GCSE levels mainly at the City of Norwich School for approximately 30 years. Having recently ended my full-time teaching career I hope to be able to spend a little more time extending the site in the future!
  • I hope  that these resources may be useful for  AS and  A Level Sociology students ,for students resitting A2 Sociology in 2017, for AS and A2 Government and Politics students and also for students following Access to Higher Education Courses and for Scottish students following Scottish Intermediate and Higher Courses and that some of the more detailed documents might possibly be helpful for beginning undergraduates. [Note that new Advanced Level Government and Politics Specifications are due to be introduced in 2017.]
  •  Essentially the Sociology Topics available on  this site are Introducing Sociology, Families and Households, The Sociology of Education, Stratification, Differentiation and Social Inequality and Power and Politics .  Each section has several fairly detailed documents but I have been unable to cover entire examination specifications for any of these topics. After several years the site remains very much a work in progress!


  • Click here and follow the links for resources and links for AS and A2 Government and Politics Courses.


  • Well: good luck with your studies!



The Sociology Modules


Introducing Sociology

Education with Methods in Context [AQA AS Compulsory ];  Education with Theory and Methods [AQA Year1Compulsory] ; Education [OCR Option Year 2]

Families and Households {AQA Option AS and  Year 1] and Families and Relationships [OCR Option AS and Year1]

Stratification and Differentiation  [AQA Option Year 2] ;  Researching and Understanding Social Inequalities   [OCR Compulsory AS and Year 1]    

Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods [AQA Compulsory Year2 ] Crime and Deviance [OCR Option Year 2]


  • Resits 2016-17

Power and Politics {AQA A2 option] and Sociology of Power and Politics [OCR A2 Option]  have been discontinued in the new AQA and OCR Advanced Level Sociology Specifications but in 2017 students will be able to resit these examinations and all other  A2 examinations based on the older A2 specifications and I include links to these older specifications on each of the module title pages.



The WJEC  also provide excellent new specifications for AS Sociology and Advanced Level Sociology. You may click here to access these specifications. Interestingly WJEC does offer a Politics option in the 2nd year of the new Sociology specification . Also you may click here for resources provided by eduqas for the WJEC courses.


Government and Politics: AS Level and A2 Level


AS Government and Politics

A2 Government and Politics [Political Ideologies]

The UK Politics Links page  


  1. A Level Politics [From Mr Jal Patel of Woodhouse College.]  has very useful resources for AS Government and Politics and for the A2 options on UK Political Issues and Britain and the EU .

  2. The Loughborough Grammar School Government and Politics Blog  has very useful information on UK and USA Government and Politics

  3.  St John's School Leatherhead Politics Blog: Resources for AS and A2 Government and Politics  has very useful resources for AS Level and for Political Ideologies at A2 Level

  4. The Advance A Level site created by Sakine Koc has very useful resources for AS Level and for Political Ideologies at A2 Level


New Government and Politics Specifications are due to be introduced in 2017






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 Here you may  on Twitter here and also connect with a great community of Sociology and Government and Politics teachers and students  who provide a continuing stream of links to informative articles and useful teaching ideas. With thanks to all colleagues who have helped me. Brilliant.

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Good Government and Politics Sites











Twenty Four Good Sociology Sites



NEW Developments

Particularly Useful New Links 

  1. YouTube Podcasts on Crime and Deviance, Education and Sociological Methods from Ms A. Sugden Added May 2016 NEWEST
  2. A Page of links to Crime and Deviance Resources Added May 2016 NEWEST
  3. Click here for a video lecture on Gender and Educational Achievement by Professor Becky Francis. This link has been added also to my document on Gender and Educational Achievement.
  4. Click here for the Left Futures website collection of video materials on the life and times of Tony Benn [R. I. P.]  This Link has also been added to the A2 Government and Politics Political Ideologies Title Page.  
  5. Click here for Professor Bob Jessop's audio lecture series [with slides] on Antonio Gramsci.
  6. Click here for Sex and Power: Who runs Britain 2014?
  7. Click here for a series of detailed video lectures on Social Research Methods and Design by Graham R. Gibbs  of the University of Huddersfield 014
  8. Click here for " Sociology in the 21st Century" [Radio 3 Discussion]
  9. You may click here for a Sociology Lecture Course [video] by Ann Swiddler from Berkeley University. These lectures are quite detailed and may be more useful for teachers and for students in the second year of their Advanced Level Sociology course . In my view they are exceptional.
  10. Click here for a Compendium of Video and Audio Materials on AS and A2 Government and Politics
  11. Click here for a PowerPoint Presentation entitled Introducing Marxist Theories of the State 

Additional New Resources

  • Click here for a PowerPoint presentation , here for detailed teaching notes and here for an assignment on Coalition Education Policies
  • Click here for a new Document on Academies. This document has been been added to the Sociology of Education Module Title Page 
  • Click here to access several new links on Social Mobility and on the Great British Class Survey which have been added to the Differentiation and Stratification Module Title Page
  •  Click here to access my document entitled "Introducing Social Class" which has been updated to include summary information and  links to more detailed information  on the Great British Class Survey
  • Click here for my document on Gender and Subject Choice which has been updated to incorporate information on the 2015 GCSE and GCE Advanced Level Examination Results. 
  • Click here for my document and here for my PowerPoint on Gender and Educational Achievement which have been updated to incorporate links to information on the 2015 GCSE and GCE Advanced Level Examination Results. 
  • Click here for my document on Gender and Educational Achievement and here for my document on "Race", Ethnicity and Educational Achievement both of which have been updated to include links to latest [2014-15] DfE GCSE performance data.
  • Click here for an assignment on Coalition Education Policies.  
  • Scroll down  to "Recent Updates" to see previous Updates to the site . 


NEW: August 2012

As from September 2012 Earlham Sociology Pages will also be linked with Notesmaster.com  which provides Caribbean students with E Learning resources for a wide variety of subjects at different levels including CAPE1 and CAPE2 Sociology . My own resources have been developed for UK Sociology  syllabi  and it is therefore essential that Caribbean students using my Sociology resources should first access this guidance page  which provides information on the similarities and differences between Caribbean CAPE Sociology and UK Sociology syllabi and advice as to the use of my resources.

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