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AS Level and Advanced Level Sociology: Families , Households and Relationships

  • Families and Households [AQA] and Families and Relationships [OCR] are optional topics in the new Specifications for AS Sociology and for the first year of the new Advanced Level Sociology Course .

  • Click here for the new AQA AS and Advanced Level Sociology Specifications with planning, teaching and assessment resources.
  • Click here for the new OCR AS and Advanced Level Sociology Specifications with planning, teaching and assessment resources


  • Click here for the website accompanying Ken Browne's new textbook for AQA AS and Year 1 Advanced Level Sociology. The Resources section has some excellent Families and Households Assignments.
  • Click here for 6 useful You Tube presentations on Families and Households from City Academy Bristol.
  • Click here for 8 useful You Tube presentations on Families and Household form Stephen Joel




Teaching Notes

Introducing Families and Households  Several new Links Added June  2015-  November 2016

 Functionalism and the Family: A Summary

Marxism and the Family: A Summary

The New Right, Families and Households

Feminism and the Family: An Introduction

Is the Family in Crisis? [Essay]


PowerPoint Presentations

G. P. Murdock, Functionalism and the Family  NEW Oct 2012





Marxism, Capitalism and the Family

Structural Functionalism, Marxism, "the" Family and Socialisation

Comparing Functionalist, Marxist and Feminist Perspectives on Families and Households   


Useful Links

PowerPoint Presentations from ESOCIOLOGY [Use the dropdown AS Menu]

 Visit resourcd@sociologyexchange   for useful resources contributed by teachers of AS and Advanced Level Sociology. You will have to register but this is free and very straightforward. [You may find the resources contributed by John Greenaway Jones of Greenhead College particularly useful but there are also many other useful contributions. ]

Families and Households 2015 [From ONS]

Families In Britain [Dec 08] : a very detailed  PDF slideshow report from the Cabinet Office Strategy Unit 

Perspectives on The Family Slideshow [Mid- Kent College]

Family Diversity Slideshow [Mid-Kent College]

PowerPoints from Mark Burke


Understanding Families [Introductory Open University Course]

What do we mean by "Family"? [Intermediate Open University Course] 

Families and Households [Sample Chapter from Haralambos and Holborn Textbook]

Useful free resources from Collins Education

Who's Breadwinning?  [Detailed Report from IPPR] NEW August 2013

Cohort Fertility {Detailed Report from ONS: useful for Population/Demography] NEW December 2013

Later Life in the UK  [Detailed Report from Age UK useful for Population/Demography]  NEW May 2014